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Ho-I Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi
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ColumbusOH 43214
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Master Matt Mollica

Head Coach of the U.S. Shuai-jiao Kung Fu 2017-18 Team.

  • Selected and trained the top competitors from around the country and put together a team of men and women that won the Shuai-jiao World Cup 2017-18 in San Jose California.
  • The U.S. team beat the Chinese team by a sizable amount, defeating them for the first time ever in recorded history!

The USA Team 1 won eight gold medals and two silvers

  • The 12-person team was comprised of male and female competitors from light to super heavyweight.

Best Martial Arts Academy in Columbus Ohio

Ho-I Kung-Fu & Tai-Chi is the leading Martial Arts academy in Columbus, OHWhether it's your first time in martial arts or refining your skills, we can help you by offering over 30 years of experience.

We Provide Training & Education In

Kung-Fu | Tai-Chi | Shuai-Chiao | And More


Adult Shaolin Kung-Fu

Turn the hunter into the hunted as you become a Shaolin Tiger. Focused on stop techniques, blocking, and setting an opponent off balance to provide an opportunity to strike, this counter-offensive style of martial arts enables students of any age and size to feel confident and empowered. "Counter-offensive" means that a Shaolin Tiger will wait for their opponent to strike first, instilling a false sense of confidence, then strike quickly to prevent and answer the attack. Grandmaster Greenlee teaches through a discipline of patience and physical control, requiring precision and intentionality in every movement.

Youth Classes

Master Ryan Shumaker teaches the disciplines of Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu to children and youth aged 8 to 16. Including the traditional forms of Iron, Soft, Golden, and Short Tiger as well as Chang's Tai Chi, Tai Chi Sword, Tasi Chi Pole, broadsword and more, your you martial artist will receive a well-rounded foundation in kung fu and weaponry skills. Master Shumaker is a 2nd-degree black belt with experience on the U.S. International Games Team, at Summit Academy School for ADHD/Aspergers, and has won the National Championship.

Tai Chi Classes

Master Mollica presents Ch'ang's Tai Chi in a simple and fun 60-minute class. If you are searching for a low impact fitness class that will improve your health, tone your body, and clear your head, then Tai Chi is for you. The unique school known as Ch'ang's Tai Chi was developed from a mix of 2,700-year-old practices to rejuvenate the mind and body and develop internal energy. Focus your mind on the Tan Tien, your reservoir of chi, and become one with your inner self. Gather your energy through measured movements to find oneness in a peaceful balanced life.

Second Grand Master Mollica studied directly from Grandmaster Chang Tung Sheng, Dr. Daniel Weng and Chang's leading instructors including Gene Chicoine, Jeng Hsing Peng, John S. Wang, David Chi-Kai Lin and Jan Ming Wu in Shuai-Chiao and also with Grandmaster R.A. Greenlee in Shaolin Tiger Kung Fu.

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